Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bewitched by Charmed

It all started off innocently enough; a number of visitors listed in the website logs had come in search of Charmed the TV series. I didn't want to disappoint them. And I wanted to demonstrate that TV series make a great subject for custom photo charms.

Several specialised pages later, and I am starting to wonder if I have been put under a spell. I wonder if my site looks as though I have put more time into my Charmed TV page that I have on the main website.

That's a slight exaggeration, because I have in fact completely redesigned the entire website including a new custom online store.

But I couldn't leave my Charmed fans out of the renovation process, so I have made some shiny new toys just for them.

First, I built a feed of current 'Charmed TV' eBay auction items, and then placed it in my Charmed page so people can spot a bargain or sought-after treasure.

The latest is a cool script that lets you 'play' with information about all 178 Charmed episodes interactively, display information grouped or sorted by subject or character, and other wonderful tricks courtesy of PHP and AJAX. It's actually harder to describe than it is to understand. It's here if you want to look: Charmed Episode Guide.

The guide was coded using Exhibit from The SIMILE Project, plus information from Susan Stepney's SciFi TV Show Spoilers and a Google Spreadsheet.

I was so impressed with the AJAX script I went on and made yet another Charmed page - this one is a timeline showing the chronology of all 8 seasons in the Charmed series.

OK, that's enough Charmed for anyone, surely? Leavme a comment if you want me to do the same for another favourite TV series and I will see what I can do!

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