Thursday, January 11, 2007

(pine) apple iNod First Pictures Exclusive!

Inspired by Jon's comment on Well Wisher's 2007 Predictions.

While everyone else was speculating about the new iPhone, WellWisher (jokingly) predicted that Microsoft would launch the Mii - a new gaming product to be worn strapped to your head.

In Jon's comment, he wondered if Apple would respond in turn with a product he wittily christened the iNod.

Well, why not? If Apple lose their court case over the iPhone they will need some new ideas. This one is a disposable mp3 player built into a self-adhesive patch.

Still on the subject of court cases, that explains the (pine)apple logo!

New iNod Packaging: Suspiciously like a giant condom?
Unwrap it..

Brilliantly simple application!
and just slap it on!

Mmmm. Pod-ilicious.

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