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The Meaning of Flowers

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Flowers are an ideal subject for a custom photo charm. You can create a bracelet with a special message by selecting flowers that have a 'secret' meaning. What fantastic and unusual gift that would make. Compose your message using this list, then use our contact form to send your floral photo charm requirements, and 'say it with flowers'.

Alstromeria: Devotion
Alyssym: Excellence beyond beauty
Amaryllis (Love Lies Bleeding): Hopeless, not Heartless
Anemone: Forsaken, Fading Hope
Apple Blossom: Preference
Arum Lily, Calla Lily: Magnificent beauty, Ardour
Aster: Afterthoughts, love of variety
Azalea: Temperance
Baby's Breath: Pure of Heart
Bachelor's Buttons: Celibacy
Begonia: Beware
Belladonna Lily: Silence
Bluebell: Constancy; Forgive and Fforget
Bridal Rose: Happy Love
Bridal Rose White Bud: Awakening Love
Buttercup: Ingratitude
Calla Lily: Magnificent beauty
Camellias, Red: Unpretentious
Camellias, White: Exquisite Loveliness
Campanula, White: Gratitude
Carnations, Red: My Poor Heart
Carnations, Pink: I'll never forget you
Carnations, Striped: Refusal
Carnations, Yellow: Disdain
China Rose: Ever New Beauty
Christmas Rose: Help for Anxiety
Chrysanthemum, Red: I Love
Chrysanthemum, White: Truth
Chrysanthemum, Yellow: Slighted Love
Clematis: Beautiful Mind
Cockscomb celosia: Affectation, Individuality
Columbine: Folly
Convolvulus: Bonds
Convolvulus, Blue: Repose
Convolvulus, Pink: Tender Affection
Cornflower: Delicacy, refinement
Crocus: Abuse Not
Crocus, Spring: Youthful Gladness
Cyclamen: Diffidence
Daffodils: Regard, Hope, Unrequited love
Dahlia: Changeable, Good taste
Daisy: Innocence, Increasing Remembrance
Damask Rose: Freshness Everlasting
Fern: Fascination, Sincerity
Forget-Me-Not: Constant Love, "the key to my heart"
Foxglove: Insincere
French Marigold: Jealousy, Discontent
Freesia: Innocence, Platonic Friendship
Fuschia: Discernment
Garden Daisy: Sentiment Shared
Gardenia: Refinement, Joy
Garland of Roses: Heroes Reward
Geranium Dark: Sadness
Geranium Ivy: Bridal Tribute
Geranium Lemon: Surprise Meeting
Geranium Scarlet: Comfort
Gerbera, Red: Unconscious in love
Gerbera, White: Truth, Innocence
Gerbera, Yellow: I'll try harder to win you
Gerbera, Orange: You're the sunshine of my life
Gladiolus: Readily armed, Strength of Character
Heliotrope: Faithful Devotion
Hibiscus: Rare Beauty
Honeysuckle: Country Beauty
Hyacinth, Blue: Sporting, Constancy
Hyacinth, White: Discreet Loveliness
Hydrangea: Thank you for understanding
Iris: Communication, Eloquence, Faith, Hope
Iris, Yellow: Flame of Love
Ivy: Friendship, Wedded love
Jasmine: Conviviality
Jonquils: Seeking Affection
Laburnum: Forsaken
Lady's Slipper: Flighty
Larkspur: Fickleness, Haughtiness
Lavender: Cautious
Lilac, Field: Charity
Lilac, Purple: First Love
Lilac, White: Youthful Innocence
Lily-of-the-Valley: Return of Happiness
Lily, White: Purity
Longi Lily (Lilium longiflorum: Pure and Modest
Lotus Flower: Rejected Love
Love-in-a-Mist: Uncertainty
Magnolia: Perseverance, Benevolence
Marigold: Ill at ease
Narcissus: Egotistical
Mimosa (Acacia): Sensitivity, Secret Love
Mistletoe: Kiss me
Nasturtium: Loyalty
Orange blossom: Bridal festivities, Virginity, "your purity equals your loveliness"
Orchid: Love; beauty; refinement
Palm: Victorious
Pansies: Consideration
Peony: Bashfulness, Indignation
Pinks (Dianthus): Pure Love
Poinsettias: Flower of Christmas Eve; Flower of the Holy Night
Polyanthus: Price of Riches
Poppies, Red: Consolation
Poppies, Scarlet: Extravagance
Poppies, White: White
Primroses: Youth, Inconsistency
Ranunculas: Radiant Charm
Rhodadendron: Dangerous
Rosebuds, Red: Purity
Rosebuds, White: Youth
Rosemary: Sweet Remembrance
Roses: Love & Good Fortune
Roses, Red: Eternal Love
Roses, single stem: Simplicity
Roses, Red & White bouquet: Unity
Roses, White: Purity, Innocence, Truth
Roses, White with pink tinge: "only for you"
Roses, Bright Pink: "meet me by moonlight"
Roses, Pink: Young love, romance, first love
Roses, Yellow: Friendship, Rememberance
Roses, Bridal: Happy Love
Roses, Cabbage: Ambassador of Love
Roses, China: Fresh Beauty
Rose-leaf: You may hope
Rudbeckia: Justice
Snapdragon: Presumption
Snowdrop: Consolation,Hope, Friendship in trouble
Solidago: Encouragement
Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum): Purity
Statice (Sea Lavender): To Stand
Stock (Matthiola): Lasting Beauty
Sweet Pea: Departure, delicate pleasures
Sunflower, Tall: Pride
Sunflower, Dwarf: Worship
Sweet Peas: Delicacy
Sweet William: Bravery
Thistle: Loyal
Tiger Flower: Befriend me, friend
Tiger Lily: Devotion
Tuberosa: Illicit Pleasures, Danger
Tulips: Fame
Tulip, Red: Declaration of Love
Tulip, Yellow: Unrequited Love
Veronica: Fidelity
Violet, Sweet: Modesty
Violet, Blue: Faithful Devotion
Wallflower: Heart's Ease
Water Lily: Chastity and Virtue
Wattle, Yellow: Secret Love
Wattle, Rose or White: Elegance, Friendship
Wax Flower: Riches
Wisteria: Cordial welcome
Xanthium: Pertinacity, Rudeness
Zinnias: Thoughtful Recollections
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