Saturday, November 25, 2006

All I Wanted for Christmas..

Hope you had a great time this Christmas. Life has been so busy in the past couple of months (no surprise there, I sell gifts, right?) All I wanted was the chance to sleep in for a change, and (eventually) I did get exactly that. Right now, with my 'perfect hindsight goggles' on, I know I should've wished for a new keyboard, because this old thing wont be seeing New Year, never mind next Christmas! How about you? What did you get? Was it just perfect?

Here's a sampling of what others have to say:

Mac at Posthuman Blues got "Katita" bounces, shuffles, jitter, shivers, and rambles like there's no tomorrow. And who knows? Maybe there isn't.

Theo of Our Little Family got... Plastic bags in a box!!

Designated Hitter got Karen Hellekson Footzenvarmers! They are slippers with some nice-smelling stuff in the bottom of the feet that you put in
the microwave and nuke for a minute. They keep your feet toasty for hours! ...

Don Surber got a really ugly lamp, but would he have houseroom for the Sofa King Awesome Sly Dog's definition of the 'perfect gift for any man'? The Man Remote

Me? Apart from a king-sized lie-in, I got loads of great gifts: toiletries from Lush (mmmm); part payment toward a new dishwasher (hurray!); ornaments (sic); and a charity donation, which I think was the best of all. Oh yeah, and lunch with a friend who explained she hadn't got me anything yet, but wanted me to pick something during our shopping trip yesterday, and then I didn't. It was a very nice day, and successful because I managed to not get any more stuff I don't need! And no, no-one gave me any Italian Charms.

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