Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ooh La La!

Will you look at my blog! How posh and gorgeous is this? I hope you like the new layout - courtesy of Web Divas. Pop over and pay them a visit if you are looking for a new design, or if you just enjoy browsing through realy cool layouts.

Web-Divas offer templates for all the popular formats:
  • Blogger
  • Commercial
  • Expression Engine
  • Invision Boards
  • Movable Type
  • Photo Blogs
  • PhpBB Message Boards
  • Typepad
  • Wordpress

And prices are very reasonable, with ready-made templates available from:
  • Blogger: $40
  • Moveable Type: $60
  • Wordpress: $60
  • Expression Engine: $60
  • Typepad: $60

Free installation is also available.

One word of caution: use the links in this post, or their button in the 'credits' sidebar, just to be safe. I made the classic error of forgetting the hyphen in the middle, and instead of fabulous illustrations by really nice girls, I found myself staring at a page illustrating fabulous girls with really ... well, you get the idea. And you have been warned!


Big D said...

I glad you decided to personalize your blog. I get tired of reading the same old deisgn, Plus it makes you fell better doesne't it.

Story Charms said...

Thank, BigD. Yes, it really gives you a lift, like having a new outfit!

Anonymous said...

Nice skin! Like the colors and the snazy gal on the left. Came in through BE

Story Charms said...

Thanks, Jo! Yes, she is rather glamorous, isn't she? Maybe I should deck her out in charm bracelts and bag dangles..

Unknown said...

Very nice site!

Story Charms said...

Thanks, cool name by the way. Makes me think of the sweets (yes, a weakness), but of course you might be a ten pin bowling champion, lol!

Angie said...

Looks great! I love purple. Web divas did mine too, and I love them! Oh, and, I did the exact same thing. I looked for them without that work!!