Monday, August 15, 2005

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

I found enough clues in the story below to make a really personal charm bracelet, an ideal gift for a special neighbour.

I saw both the Fred widows this week. Rosemary was first. She opened the door, a large, wheezing, slowly deflating beach ball of a woman.

'Hello, dear, are you Zinnia? Come in, I'm Rosie, a right pair of little flowers, aren't we?' She laughed, an alarming sound like wind in a chimney, and led the way into her comfortable little living room. Her daughter Pam was there, another beach ball but not deflating this time. The room was clean and colourful but not tidy, and I felt at home.

My own neighbours are a terrific couple who had a baby daughter recently - so my custom photo charm skills have been in high demand. I take my digital camera with me almost everywhere, always on the lookout for a good shot or an interesting image that I can transform into a charm. It's quite different from 'normal' photography, because you only have a 'frame' of 8mm x 5mm in which to display your photo, so composition is king. But it is often surprising just how much detail can be included in a tiny little charm.

On the other hand (or should that be 'wrist'?), it can be as much fun to have a bracelet with lots of photo charms that are impossible to recognise at first glance. The fun part is in explaining what each one is. It can be really intriguing to see your friends trying to figure out the 'puzzle'. But then, when you tell them 'It's a polar bear!' or whatever, they invariably get it straight away. Funny thing, vision.

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