Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Have you discovered Googlism yet?

This entertaining and often hilarious site has replaced my former favourite Googlewhack. Most visitors to the Googlism site seem to search for either their name (Who) or a fairly narrow range of words that are predictably 'smutty'. So, if you have no imagination, you will have to click the link and see, because I don't want my lovely blog to turn up in searches for those words! To give you an idea, and keeping it clean, I have searched the What? page for 'Italian'. It wasn't my first choice, but apparently Googlism doesn't know enough about 'Italian Charms' yet. I am sure that it's only a matter of time. I got about 85 results, but I trimmed the obvious duplicates for your further edification. When you visit, I recommend searching for your name. It's like a surreal 'auto-meme', and can be both surprising and spooky. If you do, please pop back and post your top 5 results in the comments - I am intrigued to see what comes up!

Googlism for: italian

italian is a welcome newcomer
italian is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the world's languages
italian is a romance language derived from latin
italian is an asset if you wish to pursue a career in business
italian is one
italian is the language of art
italian is an integral part of the program
italian is the language for lovers and the mother tongue of the renowned seducer casanova
italian is fresh
italian is combing his hair in suburban des moines
italian is spoken by about 58 million people in italy
italian is perfect for those new to the language
italian is required
italian is being taught
italian is the perfect solution
italian is the second most widely spoken language in australia
italian is located in the casa italiana zerilli
italian is a way to rediscover a sense of linguistic and ethnic origins
italian is not the language of the home
italian is a language rich in cultural history
italian is indispensable to anyone with a serious interest in music
italian is the language of a vibrating culture
italian is not required
italian is an absolute
italian is a must
italian is a born gambler
italian is easy to read because the words are pronounced exactly as they are written
italian is better
italian is a good cook
italian is a romance language
italian is a priority
italian is a pleasure to speak and a joy to hear
italian is most closely related to sardinian
italian is marking its 70th anniversary this month by donating 10 percent of its april proceeds to lacasa
italian is not? what we have established is that that italian is not eligible


CathyW said...

What an intersting and cheerful site! I didn't know about Googlism. I tried "fraises" (strawberries in French) and I broke it. So then I tried strawberries and it was dull...but the one for Adelaide was good!!!---
adelaide is 100
adelaide is developing fast
adelaide is to reinstate its reputation as the arts capital of
adelaide is offering special rates
adelaide is up

Cheers!! :)

Story Charms said...

Adelaide is doing pretty well to be up and and 100! It's a real bit of fun, I could spend far too long messing around on there, and I probably will.

GeekBrit said...

I think I broke googlism :( All it gave for my name was:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/dbs_share/www/shared/include/ on line 41

And told me that google doesn't know enough about me yet... which is strange because if I put my name in google and hit "I feel lucky" - there I am!

Story Charms said...

Or perhaps it's not broken t all, but just trying to make you feel more comfortable with a bit of code that only a geek could love? ;D

Andy Alt said...

I keep getting that message, "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/dbs_share/www/shared/include/ on line 41", same as the bloke mentioned above.

I wonder if they still make money off the ads there, despite the brokenness of it all. :)

Story Charms said...

Right underneath that error, you will see 'Googlism doesn't know enough about..' and whatver our seach was for. But it you change the search term, say in Andy Alkaline's case to 'Andy', you get something worth looking at: You know how people sometimes type LOL, well this result is LTIC* :)

Geekbrit - same goes for you, try:

*Laughed Till I Cried :D