Thursday, July 14, 2005


Just heard from that they have answered my - rather silly - question: 'How do they stamp the little white logo on peanut M&M's, when they are so round and wobbly?' click on this cool button (that you get when your question is answered) to see the answer
And don't leave without posing a question; the tougher the better!

I can't help thinking about sweets (again!) this week, not because I love them (although I do) but because I am doing a new commission for a charm bracelet made entirely of fave sweet wrappers for someone who saw my post about the keyring I made for an ex-colleague, which had a Caramac wrapper as one of the pics. I'll pop back and post a picure when it's done.


thepattycakes said...

Hi there.

Quite an interesting site to visit, I must say.

Saw your page on blogshares... do you own 4000 of my blogshares?!?!

Ahh. Sorry, I have no damn knowledge bout what BS are. :(

Anonymous said...

Good Question, I submitted one when he first started out. Its a good site.